ATTA Global Group Bhd and its subsidiaries are committed to achieving and maintaining high standards with regards to behaviour at work as set out in our corporate vision.

All employees and stakeholders are encouraged to report genuine concern about unethical behaviour, malpractices, illegal acts or failure to comply with regularity requirements without fear .


Whistle blowing is a form of disclosure, it involves a Employee or stakeholders can report or disclose through internal mechanism, concerns about wrongdoing such as fraud, corruptions, failure to comply with regulatory requirements.

Only genuine concerns should be reported under whistle blowing procedures,. This report should be made in good faith with a reasonable belief that the information and any allegation in it are substantially true, and the report is not made for personal gain.


This Policy is intended to complement the normal channels of communication and reporting lines within ATTA. Persons should first consult or raise their concerns with their immediate supervisors or heads of department or, necessary, Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


All reports will be investigated promptly by the person receiving the report

All concern raised will be treated fairly and properly

ATTA will not tolerate the harassment or victimisation of anyone raising a genuine concern.

Any individual making a disclosure will retain their anonymity unless they agree otherwise.

ATTA will ensure no one will be at risk of suffering some form of retribution as a result of raising a concern even if they are mistaken, we do not however extend this assurance to someone who maliciously raises a matter they know to be untrue.


If their complaint of concern remains unresolved, or the person making report is not satisfied with the way his report had been dealt with, he can escalate the report to the chairman of Audit and Risk management Committee.